Pay-for-Performance Compensation

We value our employees and want them to have peace of mind knowing that our compensation programs enable them to provide security for themselves and their families. Western Midstream strives to pay for performance and offers pay packages that are competitive in our business and geographic markets, including base pay, merit increases, an annual bonus program, and incentive-based awards.

WES Cash Bonus Program

The WES Cash Bonus Program (WCB Program) is an important component of Western Midstream’s overall compensation program, linking compensation opportunities to the successful attainment of the Company’s key HSSE, operational, and financial goals, and providing flexibility to reward extraordinary individual and team performance.

Western Midstream’s performance against annual goals results in an overall Company Performance factor, which is used to determine 50% of your award. The remaining 50% is based on your individual performance contribution. As an employee, you are assigned an individual target bonus percentage that your manager will use to determine your final bonus award, inclusive of both the company and individual performance for the plan year.

Quarterly Field Bonus Program

Our Quarterly Field Bonus Program is an additional compensation opportunity specific to our first-line field supervisors and their employees who have direct influence on operational goals. This bonus program is an asset team award and addresses priorities in safety, environmental performance, and financial results, with goals that change each quarter based on organizational need. 

Payout ranges based on asset and individual performance, enabling WES to return a portion of outstanding financial returns back to the teams and provide field managers discretion to adjust awards to those who have made outstanding contributions during the quarter. 

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