Work/Life Balance

Paid Time Off

Our Paid Time Off (PTO) program combines time off for vacation, personal and family illness, doctor or dentist visits, and other personal time into a single bank of hours. It recognizes the value of your previous work and life experience that you bring to Western Midstream.

Your annual PTO award is based on your age on December 31 of the award year minus 22.


Age minus 22Hours accrued annually for full-time employees

Paid Leave Programs

Western Midstream provides other paid leave programs available when life dictates:

Provides birth mothers with 100% of base pay for up to eight weeks.

Provides all parents with 100% of base pay up to six weeks within 12 months of birth or placement for adoption. Birth mothers can combine pregnancy and bonding leave for up to 14 weeks of paid leave.

Replaces 100% of your base pay for up to 25 weeks after a 40 hour PTO elimination period.

Provides 40% of eligible monthly pay up to $10,000 per month if you’re unable to work after 180 days of continuous disability. Optional buy-up options are also available.

Provides 100% of pay while serving on a jury.

Provides 100% of pay for up to five days.

Receive differential pay for up to one year for active duty, or 30 workdays for training.

Company Paid Holidays

Western Midstream recognizes nine company holidays during the year, and provides employees with an additional floating holiday:

Social Involvement Program

We’re committed to our core value of Servant Leadership. Through philanthropic endeavors, regional development, and community investments, we are an integral part of the communities where we live and operate. Our Social Involvement and Volunteering Program is in place to facilitate this commitment.

Our Community Betterment Task Force leads the organization’s volunteer efforts and is supported by local focus groups in West Texas, the Platteville Area, the Carrizo Springs Area, Gillette, Rock Springs, Vernal, Denver, and The Woodlands. The local focus groups serve with the Community Betterment Task Force to select company-sponsored local nonprofit organizations, communicate with local partners, and coordinate volunteer efforts.

In addition to organized volunteer events, we support our employees’ passion for voluntarism and assisting non-profit organizations through monetary donations through two programs:

Record your eligible volunteer hours, and Western Midstream will donate $40 per hour to that nonprofit organization, up to $800 annually.

Western Midstream will match 50% of your contributions to eligible nonprofit organizations, up to $1,000 annually.

Other Programs

Western Midstream also provides several other benefits that support work/life balance, including:

Reimburses eligible expenses connected with adoption.

Provides reimbursement if your work location does not offer an onsite fitness center.

Covers up to eight visits per incident, per year, with a counselor when you encounter personal difficulties.

Provides free coverage for you and your spouse/domestic partner through LifeLock.

Reimburses up to $7,500 per calendar year for eligible education expenses incurred to develop your skills and abilities.

Personnel working in West Texas may be eligible to work a 7-on/7-off or 14-on/14-off schedule, dependent on role, that further promotes work/life balance.

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