Public Awareness

Let’s Clear the Air – Education & Advocacy for a Better Energy Future

Western Midstream is a proud supporter of the Let’s Clear the Air advocacy effort through our membership with GPA Midstream Association.

The energy demands of our society require bold action now. The challenges we face with energy reliability, the ever-shifting economy, and climate change are complicated. First, we need to have a larger conversation and address industry misconceptions regarding energy production, processing and distribution. Together with our partner companies, GPA Midstream Association and GPSA Midstream Suppliers are leading the dialogue and listening to both sides of the story. This is a long-term campaign with years of evolving and strengthening ahead of it. Together, we are facing these challenges head on.

Visit for more on these efforts, common misconceptions, and to learn more about midstream and our role in the energy transition.

Pipeline Safety

The relationship between Western Midstream and our neighbors throughout the communities we operate is important to us. That’s why our public awareness programs are designed to enhance public safety and protection of the environment by sharing information with residents, business owners, schools, public officials, emergency responders, excavators, contractors, and land developers to help them understand the role(s) they play in pipeline safety. Our outreach efforts provide an opportunity for us to share important safety information, hear from our neighbors, respond to questions, and maintain open communication with our stakeholders.

Farmers & Ranchers

Affected Public & Landowners

Public Officials


Emergency Officials