Primary Signage

For all primary building signage, a circle logo with the primary logo underneath is the preferred method. It is not a requirement to include a trademark symbol or tagline for building or permanent signage. Alternate Designs Where space requirements are an issue, the following will be allowed to reduce sign height:

  • The primary logo may be utilized without the circle logo.
  • The circle logo may be used to the right of the primary logo.
  • DO NOT use Western Gas or Western Midstream Partners logos.
  • DO NOT use the circle logo without the primary logo.
  • DO NOT use vintage or retro styling.
  • DO NOT rotate or flip any logo.
  • DO NOT use circular patterns for sign shapes.
  • DO NOT create icons or badges and use them as logos.

Secondary Signage

Secondary signage includes internal directional signage throughout buildings and external directional signage related to delivery and parking.

While secondary signage will vary based on the building’s management group, try to create a strong contrast between the Western Midstream brand and the signage background colors. Where branding colors cannot be used, black font on a white background is preferred.

When possible, use the typography guidelines.

Dimensional Signage

Chrome or flat dimensional lettering is allowed when following logo and signage guidelines.

Vehicle Signage

If marked, company vehicles should be marked with a Western Midstream logo on the driver and passenger sides. The recommended color for base vehicles is white, with the circle and primary logos on the vehicle doors. Trucks may include a logo on the rear tailgate. This guideline should not apply to a pool or rental vehicle. The use of the circle logo without the primary logo is prohibited. Not all company vehicles are required to be marked.


Western Midstream flags should contain a white background with the circle logo placed above the primary logo in full color centered on the flag. Torn or stained flags should be properly retired.